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Sadguru Shree Satyanand imparts offline and online the most powerful, effective, and unique body, mind and soul transforming divine Satyanand Yoga Systems to all true seekers globally.


Satyanand Yoga Systems

Discover Yourself by Connecting Yourself to Sadguru Shree Satyanand

Cure, De-Addiction, Cessation of Miseries and Holistic Transformation is possible. Find the ways to attain health, peace, wisdom, spiritual development and Self-Realization under the divine guidance of Sadguru Shree Satyanand.

Sadguru Shree Satyanand

Narendra Kumar Sharma is the worldly name of Sadguru Shree Satyanand.

In 1989 AD, divine spiritual masters imparted a spiritual name ‘Satyanand’ to the soul Narendra. During his more than 30 years’ long spiritual journey, the Narendra first transformed into Satyanand, then into Shaktipat Acharya Shree Satyanand, then into Gurudev Shree Satyanand and finally into Sadguru Shree Satyanand.

By the deep blessings of his divine spiritual masters, the Sadguru Shree Satyanand is continuously helping people to achieve their spiritual and worldly goals in a very easy and authentic manner.

By the grace of his divine spiritul masters, the Sadguru Shree Satyanand imparts Satyanand Siddha Maha Yoga(SSMY),
Satyanand Surati Shabda Yoga (SSSY),
Satyanand Kriya Kundalini Yoga (SKKY),
Satyanand Advait Shree Vidya (SASV),
Satyanand Saraswat Vidya (SSV),
Satyanand Upanishat Prakriya (SUP),
Gospels of Satyanand,
Satyanand Vijnan Bhairava Meditations (SVBM),
Satyanand Vipashyana ,
and other divine Yoga Systems to whole humanity globally as a profound means of Global Spiritual Transformation which evolve the universal consciousness within and creation.

All divine Satyanand Yoga Systems are the proven phenomenon to attain spiritual development and Self-Realization under the divine guidance of Sadguru Shree Satyanand.

The Shaktipat Initiation imparted by Sadguru Shree Satyanand through the universal process Satyanand APCOS is a milestone towards the spiritual advancement of mass humanity through the

automatic Kundalini Awakening, and the most important thing is, it can be experienced spontaneously by all practitioners.

Sadguru Shree Satyanand is the founder and patron of the following spiritual and philanthropic organizations-
*Gurudev Siksha Sansthan (Regd.)
*Satyanand Shodh Sansthan: Satyanand Research Institute -SRI (Regd.)
*Muktabai Dnyanpeeth
*Satyanand Kriya Kundalini Yoga Foundation
*Narendra Healing Foundation

The main aim of these organizations is to facilitate the seekers and practitioners to receive Satyanand Yoga Systems in an authentic manner and to propagate all divine Satyanand Yoga Systems among

whole humanity without any discrimination.